Why would it be good for your dog to participate in herding?

1. The dog has a lot of fun

2. Teaches team work between handler and dog

3. It is something that the dog natural know,

which helps with confidence with the dog.

4. If they have a strong herding drive sometimes

this is seen as bad behavior in the people world

and the dog is frustrated because they don't 

know what to do with the desire, so teaching

them how to control themselves and herd

sheep or ducks is very rewarding to a dog.

Usually will end the desire to do it other places.

5. Train your dog to be able to call off prey

animals.  The sheep are like deer etc... and

you can make sure the dog can be called off

the sheep.

6. A dog develops better manners with herding.

7. A dog must listen to the handler or the

herding stops until the dog is listening which

the dog does not want to stop so listening

usually happens quicker when working sheep.

We have many dogs with alot of behavior issures

that have been helped with herding.  Each

lesson if you are having an issues with your

dog we can help you try and find a solution.

Herding is not just working sheep it is working

on the dog being nice to be around and listening

when its owner asks them to do something they

dog is willing to try. Herding has helped many

dogs adjust into city life and gives them an

outlet to what most were bred to do.

Our farm has a  large indoor arena for herding training in all year round. We also have large

outdoor training fields and a round pen.

We host a few trials for CKC, ASCA & AHBA here every year.

We have 50 head of sheep of different ages.

Our sheep are experience will many different breeds of dogs.  We have  sheep for all levels of training.

We also have ducks for those who want a real  challenge.