Our main objective with Agility is to have fun. We strive to

 make sure you and your dog have a good time.

 If you would like to sign up 

please use our registration form below on the home page.

We mix all levels together, so you don't have as long

as wait time between turns in the ring.  Each dog

Is alone in the ring when on course, we safe enviroment for

a nervous or reactive dog to be able to focus on their owner and

the agility equipment.  No fear of another dog attaching while

your dog is working on the equipment.  Mixing the levels

provides you to see the larger picture when you are learning.

The dogs learn by watching the other dogs.  The experienced

dogs are calm and relaxed so the new dog will soon calm

are relax quicker. Our 6:30pm class is a small class of beginner

dogs that are just starting, and we do have a few spaces.

This is our new heated indoor arena!

  We have nice heated floors in the waiting area.

Lots of room for the dogs to run and have fun!

register online and we can message you when we have space

or email us and we can talk.