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 Coming up soon  Entry form for the Bale Hunt

All dogs will get a chance to see the rats and get familiar with the rats,
 before The fun match starts, 
In the staging area there will also be a chance to familiarize
 your dog with the scent they are working 

For people or dogs that don’t want to search for rats, there are other options, including Treats, or toys, so bring your dogs favorite toys and we can have a fun experience 

  Our Arena is insulated and heated! We can have fun with our dogs 

even with our extreme cold weather!

Our Agility program is on Tuesdays & Herding in on Wednesdays

Bale Hunt Fun Days all year round

Private lessons available other days.

Welcome to 4U Farms if you would like to register for our variety of programs we offer fill out our registration and I will get back to you, to arrange a private consultation where we can discuss what program you would like to join.

Our facebook has updated before the website. 
Click the link below to see what new and exciting at the farm.

You can register online for Herding or Agility by filling out our form below or you can email us at faye@4ufarms.ca
When we are starting a new class or have space in our classes, the people on the list are contacted first.

Find us on Google Maps here.

Mailing Address:

Box 188 St. Norbert
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3V 1L6

Farm Location:

Lot 833 Pr 247 (3 km South of St.Norbert)

Agility Classes Tuesdays 9 AM. & 5:45pm

Herding Classes are on Wednesday at 

9AM start &  start around 5:00 PM  

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Class notifications and updates can be found on our Facebook 

Phone: (204) 774-3441

We are now a dealer for Baldwin Feeds Raw Chicken Dog Food & New Fish and Vegetable Food email me for more information.